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Dear Mommy,

Did you know that Hyfryd means lovely in Welsh? I think you probably looked that up by now, knowing you. Turns out that I met some of my ancestors here from Wales.

 I know you know that us Border Collies originated from the borders of Wales and Scotland, so it seems, that as I was exploring Hyfryd a lot more I was meeting a lot of Border Collies, including a couple of my cousins,  Caru (pronounced like kayroo) and Anwen (like Onwhen). I asked them why they had such unusual names and they said because they are Welsh names. Caru means love and Anwen means “very beautiful,” not JUST beautiful but VERY beautiful! Let me just say that Caru is a boy and Anwen is a girly girl like me, so we get along great! I am so happy to have met my cousins from Wales. Anwen is so gorgeous – like you always told me I was and Caru is a great , handsome guy.

Caru really thinks Barkley is so much fun. I think that little Jack Russell must have some collie in her, because she just loves to be with me. It’s like she is my little side kick. She never leaves my side, just like I never left you. Barkley is always making me laugh, zipping around in her bullet-like manner. She has met of  named Tobie and Cyria that she likes, but she prefers to hang with me and my crowd.

Turns out that when you cross the Rainbow Bridge, you wind up living where you are most “related to,” so that is why there are a lot of Border Collies here in Hyfryd. Since we descend from Wales, there are many of us here. I think they do that to make it easier to find your relatives because it’s so vast and it’s beautiful everywhere, but I have to say I am happy with my neighborhood and I think Barkley wound up with me because we knew each other and lived as neighbors in New Bedford and I am happy to have her with me – always loved how she smelled!

I have not found that dog Bagels. Like I said, it’s pretty vast up here and he was from Chicago, so I do not know if I will, but I have the word out. They group like 3 neighboring states together, so I think Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin animal people  all live in the same vicinity and I have not met a lot of people from there yet. We might need to do a tour over there on Air Floatie.

I bet you just said, what is Air Floatie? It’s like a oblong shaped thing that flys around and takes you to other areas if it’s too far to walk. It’s always busy! Sort of like those airplanes you are not so fond of.  Since us animal folk are smart enough not to care about possessions, we have no baggage and can just pick up and go, so that is why The Floaties, as they call them, are always packed. I have not taken it yet, but I hear they give you very cold (yum) water and ask you if want liver or beef treats that part I LIKE!  You know me, I rather be on the ground like you – who liked to go in the car MORE THAN ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, Caru and Anwen loved cars too. There are no cars here which I miss, but then there is no pollution either! The air floatie thing runs on wind power only…

Speaking of Anwen and Caru, don’t you have a good friend who is part  Welsh named Emlyn? I bring it up because A) I never got to meet him and you like him a lot I know because I could tell when you talked to him on the phone all the time and B) Caru has a friend named Emlyn – that name is from an ancient city!

So I am learning all about names, but guess what? There is one name that is my VERY favorite: MOMMY!!! That is what I told everyone. MY MOMMY has the best name: Sherri! I know you said several times that I probably never knew what your name was, but I would hear daddy calling you by that, so I knew!

I love you mommy and I cannot wait till you write your next letter. I love letters and I know you love real letters too. It’s a lost art, but we will keep it alive.

My Love is With You Always,

Your Gorgeous Bailey Girl!