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MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT YOU  SEE I WAS THERE with you the WHOLE TIME! I needed to alert you to my beautiful presence (haha) so I showed you the rainbow as soon as you hit Aruba! It’s amazing how you and I can communicate between the Rainbow Bridge and Earth, isn’t it?  No one in Hyfryd believes me when I tell them how we do it. Maybe none of them had a mommy as wonderful as you. Onwen said he had a pretty great dad but he does not sound as great as you, I have to say, although I am biased of course!

I am sending you this cute picture of myself in my Santa hat that you like. I am willing to BET that you put my santa hat under the tree. I heard you tell daddy this morning that it’s not the same without me there and I feel the same way…BUT I feel like we can have our very own secret Christmas/Hanukkah together Although I love how we “talk” I do miss your hands on my fur all the time. You gave me more loving than any dog anywhere on earth and while I still feel your presence and love every single second of everyday, I loved how we would cuddle and that is what I miss and I know you do too. I feel it. Who else but would carry a dog treat and some my hair from my brush in her purse everyday, not to mention my pictures and your matching Bailey Dog tag!?

I can hardly believe that 3 days after Christmas will be 2 months since I last saw you. I see you crying as you write this–don’t! Or at least try not to…60 days is a long time for me too and I still have not even had a thought about finding you another doggie pal, because I know he or she has to be so special for you because I set the bar high! haha. I know you are reading this and saying, “yes you did Sweet Girl.”  You know Mommy, I know I was a needy person, but I knew you would meet those needs from all my medical needs to all the love and attention I constantly demanded from you. I don’t want you to have that same experience with another doggie. I want to send you an “easy dog,” let’s say. Someone loving like me, but not so needy.  I never felt guilty about needing you though. I wanted you to need me a lot because I never had anyone who loved me like you did in my whole life, so maybe I took advantage but I AM GLAD I DID and so WERE YOU!  I know how you think anyway. You and I are and soul mates – I just am your furry soul mate!

So let me tell you that things here in Hyfryd really look pretty for the holiday season. There are A LOT of pretty lights and Christmas trees all over the place. There are many dens with Hanukkah candles burning bright in the windows and tomorrow in our town, there will be singing in front the “town tree” in the center of our village. Cats and dogs will all join in and sing like the angels we are and I am sure it will be lovely. I was thinking about how you gave me the best gift, by getting me out of pain and having to pee every 5 minutes, not to mention how great my legs are again! I know you would rather me be there with no problems–and I would too but we are both realistic people. My gift to you was the Rainbow in Aruba and you looked out at the exact time it was there and did you notice how it was not there for long, but YOU were in the perfect place at the perfect time to capture it on camera? Do you think that happened by coincidence? Not a chance. I was not going to let you miss my present. But remember, I am with you always. We made a pact that we would be together always and  we always will be mommy – I promise you. Our gift is our connection and we need no holiday to celebrate that.

I Love you forever and ever,

Your Bailey