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Hi Mommy!  Well, I told you that at the right time I would find you a new friend to walk in my paw prints, so I found you Joy – literally and figuratively and it is a match made in Heaven literally!!! So you made it through your first two weeks with her. I think it’s so funny, and obviously Victoria does too – that you thought Joy might not like you and daddy. Are you kidding me? And, I found you another Princess just like me and I have to give Victoria credit here as well. In the year that Joy has spent with them, she has really been the model doggy girl. Victoria told me that she turned down a lot of people who inquired about Joy. I have to say that lady is pretty darn smart in waiting for the right one to come along and that was You, Daddy and Safari. Well, just know that I am watching and I have heard some things you have said to her during your walks – of course I hear almost everything you say, but if I am teaching my classes, it’s hard for me to concentrate on both things. I just wanted you to know that yes, that is exactly how I was at age 3! Adorable of course and full of feisty energy. I wish you could have found me then instead of when you did because I would have been in better heath of course, but as the greatest mommy in the world, you did everything to help me and I am forever your heart doggy as Victoria likes to call it. Joy is too, I can tell. We can both be. She is a real sweetie pie and I could not be anymore pleased with the guidance that I have given you! So that leads me to my next news!

I am adding yet another class to my repertoire and it was Joy who became my inspiration. In fact, in addition to teaching Loving 101 and All Better 102. The new class will be called Finding Joy and I have so many peeps who are very interested in doing what I did for you and daddy and learning how to do it. Of course only select people can take this class. Only above-average animal companions, who have an intense connection to their families will  benefit from this as I am going to use our book to teach from – well at least as much of it as we have written. I really want us to get to 100 blogs since that is when it will truly be our completed first volume and ready for publishing – raaaaa rooooo!

So I know you are wondering how will I choose the people, when there are so many who are interested? Well, I have enlisted Onwen, Prila,  Dayo, Telewynn, Barkley and a few others to do interviews. I have come up with a long list of questions for them to ask potential students for the new class because I think only really special people can have success in doing what you and I have accomplished. It really takes an extra special connection to work with guidance from over the Rainbow Bridge. You and I… never a beat missed – others they may have a harder time I think. The idea of the class is to be able to help people enrich their lives through adopting new animal companions and finding just the right one for each of our families, like I did for you by leading you to Victoria.

I would  ask you what do you think, but I  know that you will like the new idea and you can tell Joy she will have a new class named for her. I heard you tell her one day how she and I would have been great friends – oh my goodness yes to that!  She is so cute and fun, I would have loved playing bone with her and I am so happy that she liked all my toys that I left behind. I heard you tell Daddy that “Bailey’s love just keeps on giving through her toys,” and that is so true and of course you would get it. Those are the kinds of things we need to teach here to help give guidance down there. You and I did not need to be taught, but some dog/cat people do need it because just as I had posted a noticeo f the new class with a sign up sheet for interviews we already had more than 400 names! Can you imagine? That’s a lot of guidance!

That, my dear mommy, is my latest news from Hyfryd. Oh! Thanks for the birthday letter. You are the sweetest! I had a good birthday although it was the first one in 3 years that I had not celebrated at home with you, but life now is about many new firsts and forevers. I just wanted a simple dinner at home with Onwen and Barkley. They went home afterwards and I thought about the structure of the new class and just wanted to spend some time alone to think about You, Daddy and Safari. I need some reflection time too, of course. I am so glad that you talk to me all the time. You are so funny, you talk to me no matter where you are. I love that you think of me everyday. I do too. Not a day goes by that we are not connected by our hearts. That is what a Time for Joy class will be all about. Write me soon. I miss you so very much and love you even more. Furever yours in kisses, Your Sweet Bailey girl… xoxooxoxoxox