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Hello my Bailey Girl!

So it happens again – a wistful wind blows through my fingers each time I go to your tree. It still feels like you are with me. Joy is so much like you in many ways. She is very loving – I mean sooooo loving. She just jumped up for a hug and I hugged her and told her I have to write with Bailey right now and she sat right down by me! She is very well-behaved except for barking at people who are next to us in cars or when she thinks I am threatened! In that case, she is nothing like you. I use to worry that you would go along with anyone who tried to grab you up because you trusted everyone!

You did find us the perfect little princess to pamper that is for sure. Russell loves her soooo much. He is so loving toward her and vice versa  – it is wonderful! So tell me how many people have signed up for the Time For Joy class which, of course is an amazing idea –  you knew I would love it, right? I do think that it takes special animal companion relationships to be able to grow beyond the depths of superficial feelings and I think you are the perfect girl to teach how to do that. You have a deep sensitivity toward people and other animals and they seem to flock toward you. You just have that certain something that everyone loves. It was always so nice to talk with you and never have to worry about any confrontation! Joy’s walk in the park yesterday was flawless and I am very proud of her. She did not bark at one person. tomorrow is supposed to be a very cool day. If it does not rain I will get there again.

So are you working on the lesson plan for the new class already? How are the interviews going. I would have loved to meet Onwen and I know I will someday. Give Barkley a squeeze for me. John and Tracy miss her a lot as do we – such the little smiling sweetie – I bet she is well-liked in Hyfryd. I want to hear all about the progress of planning the class and who you choose to sign up. You have to write to me and tell me about all these special souls! I have been meaning to tell you that I would like you to put the word out to see if anyone knows where Winnie and Hope live – like in which town? Those were Victoria’s very special dogs and I think they would make excellent additions to your class because she is a very spiritual human being and loved them very much, as they did her. I am sure they would love to learn techniques to keep in touch on a more regular basis. Victoria is so busy helping so many dogs and trying to take care of herself, that she has little extra time, so see what you can find out – their last name is Summers. She mentioned the word Hyfryd to me once and I nearly jumped out of my skin! She has some connection to that word, so maybe they live around there or maybe you already know them and you never told me! They are both Border Collies! Let me know!

Your brother says hello. Joy likes to kiss him a lot and you know the mister loves the newly found attention up to a point – pretty funny. They sit together just like you two did. It is so very sweet. I love cats and dogs that love each other – makes me smile. Your Da says hello as well. he talks about you all the time. Well, I will stop by the tree again and I will say hello. I love you my angel of love. I expect a long letter next time highlighting all the details of the class and while you are at it, you can tell how the other classes are going as well. I imagine they are purrrfect, like you!

With all my heart and love, mommy