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MOMMY! I am SOOOO sorry I have been late in writing. I have never been 3 days late have I? Well, I have a great excuse because the Finding Joy student qualification process has kept me and my helpers very busy. I have so much to tell you! First, we had to come up with the questions to ask potential students to see who would really benefit from the class. Since these classes will be so intimate, it is important to make sure only those who would truly benefit would be in attendance. So do you want to hear some of the questions? Of course you do! Okay here are some of them:

What made you feel like you were not just an animal? What made you feel like part of a family?

Who was your favorite person?

What was your favorite activity and was this something you did with your favorite person?

Did you like other animals not of your own species?

What was it you most liked about your life?

What food made you the happiest?

Did you and your favorite person “talk to each other” ie: in your own form of communication that was personal to you?

Did you cross over the Rainbow Bridge because you were sick or was it by accident?

So, Mommy, what do you think? The last question is very important because people who cross by accident have the highest amount of regret it seems. Take our little Barkley. Although he loves it here, she was only a puppy and she regrets going into the road to chase the squirrel so much. She really misses Dozer, Molly, John and Tracy, so it was lucky that she had me, her own neighbor who came here not too long after she came because she did not know anyone and was very lost. The fact that we live to each other helps us both out a lot. I was sick, but she wasn’t and that makes all the difference. When death happens by accident, it is harder to understand on both ends and that is why I think the class can help. When the potential students are interviewed we can tell who really needs the class. I was able to lead you to Victoria and subsequently Joy, because of our strong connection on the ground. If you think about the pups or kittens who die too young, they might not have had time to form that strong bond like you and I shared. I want everyone who takes this class to be able to feel like they are not lost and are still spiritually connected to their people if that is what they desire.

I really think Finding Joy is the purrfect name for the class. I know you mentioned last time to see if anyone had known Hope and Winnie and I have some news. They both live in Gobeithio, which is the town next to us here in Hyfryd. It was Telewyn, who found out where they are. When Telewyn first arrived, he lived there for a short time before settling on Hyfyrd. He knew of a group of horses here and that is why he moved. What he told me was that he first came over, there were many horses who lived in Gobeithio and one horse in particular named Summer, who kept the company of two Border Collies,  Winnie and Hope! They must be the ones you are looking for, right? You never did say, but I am thinking those were perhaps Victoria’s dogs? Well, when Telewyn was interviewing potential students, guess who showed up – Yep! Both of them. They totally qualify and have already been informed that they are in. They seem very connected to Victoria already, but Telewyn thought they should be in the class as good examples of spiritual connections and how they can be made even stronger. I assume you will let Victoria know. Personally, I have yet to meet them, but I am looking forward to it. What a story I have to tell them!  “T” says they are both very sweet and I am looking forward to having them in class. I am sure they will have some messages for Victoria as well.

So that is as far as we have gotten. We did more than 100 interviews so far and we have about 150 more to go. Never did I think this class would be so popular. People are coming from town far away just to take the interview!  We have room for 125 at the most for this first year. I am very happy that people want to learn – that is exciting.

By the way I felt you and Joy at my Tree today – did you see me rustle those leaves! I cannot believe how big that tree has grown since Fall, but then I can, because it is so symbolic of you and I. We may be apart but we just keep growing together day by day. I love you mommy! You taught  me all the right things and I am so proud to be yours. Snuggle my little Safari and give Joy a kiss for me and tell her not to be so jealous of other doggies – there is enough of all of us to go around and do good things

Yours Furever and 4-ever,


Your Sweet Bailey Girl