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Dearest Bailey,

I am so proud of all the pre-qualification work you have already done in planning the new Finding Joy class. It makes so much sense that you have become a teacher – a working dog must always have a job and certainly because you passed at only 10 young years, you had more work to do. Nothing stops my tenacious Bailey!

I came across this picture of Safari and you and it’s one of the few pics I have of the two of you sitting very close. When you did, it was so sweet and I find that Safari really had missed your company, as he likes to sit close to Joy when she is not acting like a wild Border Collie! Because you were a senior dog and Safari, a senior cat, I think Safari finds this new experience a lot different with  baby Joy. She totally keeps him on his toes and I think that is a good thing, considering he likes to simply chill. The only time he runs around is when he should be sleeping at 4am, waking everyone up! The funny difference is that you did not care if he was up running around. Joy, on the other hand, says, What? Why is he up? I think I will herd him back to sleep! She is like you in the fact that she is very sensitive to noise and she is VERY protective over us.

She is a definitely a great one. I know, you are thinking, “of course she is! I found her!” Yes you did and I would not expect anything less of you. I do have to work with her all the time on the barking at men, however. With you I always thought it was so nice I could take you anywhere and you never cared who touched you, talked to you or petted you. Joy has not had worldly experiences, although each day she is getting more. She is very nosy with the neighbors! She needs to know what is going on at all times; I think that is part of her protectiveness too. That will never change. Already though, she has stopped barking across the way, which is nice. It will just take time.

Here is a picture of them together before the room was redone recently – it looks great by the way! I have a new office, which of course is where the kids like to hang out just like you and Safari did in the picture above! Sometimes when I only catch a glimpse of Joy from the back, she looks just like you. She is   bit less furry and smaller than you, but she is loving just like you. You did good my girl, you really did. In fact I was thinking how much good you put onto this planet – now you are just doing it in a different location of the planet – Hyfryd – you are the Princess of Love! You certainly are my Princess of Love and now I have two, thanks to you with  help from the beautiful Ms. Victoria.

Well my sweet girl, I am pretty sleepy. I have a tiny cold so I want to go lie down and get away from the computer as I had a long day and got a lot of work done – lots of crisis management PR today! Write me more and let me know some of the folks you have qualified. I am sure you have chosen some people by now as you only have a little more than a month till the new class begins and you are still teaching all your other classes! Whew! You are a busy and beautiful working girl! That is my girl! We would not have it any other way….

With a ton of love from here and many kisses thrown through the air, I love you….