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Dear Mommy,

How I have missed you this week because I have been working on getting the syllabus ready for the Finding Joy class which starts this month already! Although I have been busy with that, I, of course, have been lamenting about the meaning of the class and after interviewing so many people it’s all I can think about. Onwen and I have had deep discussions about animal companions and their peeps – lot of them!

One thing I have been thinking about is how people who choose to share their lives with us fur kids are very special. They are very important because they adjust their life for us. You need ot let people know how important that is. Adoption is all about giving and getting. I know you are always mumbling to yourself thinking about how much you give to others and it is true – you do so much of that, but you have spent most of your adult life giving to various animals and look at what you have gained.

There are people who will never adopt a dog, for example because you have to take us out to poop or pee and that requires a schedule that meets our needs, perhaps more than it meets theirs. Those people will never get it I am sure, but for the ones that do, I think they gain so much in return. The interesting thing about this is that both sides give and get. Since I shared my life with a cat and Joy does too, as dogs (and I will speak for her correctly I am sure) we simply want love, to be with our peeps, food and shelter. We are very basic in our needs. You are person who gives your companions lives of Princes and Princesses and no one could be more grateful than I and I am sure Safari & Joy as well. What I love about you is that while you are a complex thinker, your needs are fairly simplistic. I know you have always told me and everyone that nothing is more important than good health and love. Obviously health is needed to enjoy anything, especially love.

Mommy, you are so right that love is everything. Here in Hyfryd, we don’t have to worry about health because we are all purfect!!! That is the trade-off I guess. We are separated by space from the ones we love, but what we receive in return is perfect health. On earth, you can have both and until I got sick, I enjoyed every second – that is why I did not sleep that much because I wanted to pack in as much fun time as possible and I think we accomplished that and it looks like Joy is too. Safari has loved you the longest obviously – you knew he was a prince the second you saw him, didn’t you?

This is one of the things I plan to discuss in class, so I wanted to tell you.  The giving and the getting go hand in paw. When you give of your heart to us and we to you, we all get back so much more in return. You always said that it was funny that God is Dog spelled backwards. There must be a good reason for that.

So that is what I had to tell you. Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. The class starts next week. Guess what? We skip 4th of July because none of us really liked fireworks so they do not exist here! YAY! I saw you visited the tree twice already this week. Did you like how I made the leaves blow everytime you touch them – not a coincidence! I am there – always next to you. Forever just like you predicted when we first met. I am your Bailey girl always. You could have 100 more dogs and cats and I will always be your heart dog and vice versa. I love you so much and think of you every single day and I know you think fo me too. Try to stop calling Joy by my name too, huh> You will give her a complex – at least she now knows “Bailey’s Tree” when you visit. She is pretty darn smart. I told you I would find you a perfect girl. You are a giver, Mommy and for that you will get goodness because I am sending it in many forms.

Write me soon! I love you so….

Your Sweet Bailey Girl xoxoxoxoxoox