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Dear Bailey,  So glad to hear that your new class this week. I have told Joy and she is very proud that you named the class after her. She is thankful and grateful and as you can see everytime we visit the tree, she is crazy as all get out even in that hot heat we have had. That is the reason I have not been to the park in 4 days, which never happens but the heat was just awful. You could barely breathe outside it was so humid and stuffy!

I am going to like hearing about this new class as I think it goes hand in hand with our book in helping to teach people about The Rainbow Bridge and the opportunities that might seem impossible to people until they understand that there is work beyond what we see. Good work to be done by those, like you, who are amazing and understand. We are getting so close, Bailey, to finishing the book and I am so excited. I am guessing it will be complete by the end of August or early September! This is our dream come true! So we are both working very hard together as always!

Ms. Joy is very sweet. She is very funny in so many ways. This girl LOVES love more than anything and when she eats she TOTALLY reminds me of you. Snarfer! I do not know how to slower her eating down. She truly enjoys her food immensely just like another little girl I know! You could not have found a more perfect little girl for us, Bailey. You are always so right with the world. I cannot tell you how much you have taught me. As I have said, it is no surprise that you continue to be a working dog in a teaching capacity.

I am sending this picture of us. It’s a little fuzzy, but I sort of like it. I love that I have a billion pictures of you. You loved the camera and were, and still are my perfect muse and I think I am yours as well. I wish more people could see how to do good and be good in the world. They need to pay attention to creatures and not “things.” You teach us much. By the way, Howie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday. I do not think he will be found in Hyfryd, but I just wanted you to know. I think P&J are sad.

Time to go relax and unwind now. This is a busy week for Russell and I and you have a new class to teach tomorrow and I will await hearing all about it. I will see you at the tree tomorrow for sure. The leaves will rustle and I know you are there. I love you with all I got to give sweet Bailey girl xoxoxooxox ,mommy