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Well, I have SO much to tell you. First, I thought I would give you this picture of, well, who else? Me! I know you love this picture. Do you remember when you rescued me how I had no hair cause those dingbats shaved all my beautiful fur? I like this picture too because it was when all my fur started to grow back and plus I look so happy, like I am now. I was young and happy – and THAT gets me to my point!

My new class, Finding Joy, was a great big SUCCESS this week – Did you expect ANYTHING less from your Sweet Bailey Girl? One of the many things I found people to be concerned about was aging. Here is an example of what I mean. Telwyn helped me teach this particular group which included:

Symoen – a beautiful Golden Lab, who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge at the too young age of 7. He had heart problems.

Trilee – a sweet, white toy poodle who crossed at age 16! She simply died of old age.

Patience – a big black tabby who was 18 and also simply died of old age.

Aleena – a strikingly beautiful draft horse who was worked too hard on a farm and his legs finally gave out. He was 6.

This was the first class we taught, so we wanted to keep it small. We have taught it since and the list keeps on growing for more people who want to take the qualifying test to be in it. That tells me that there are so many people who come here, not understanding their situation. Why don’t they? Well, that is something we talked about.

Telewyn and I always talk about all the rescues we meet here. It seems that they have a much better “feeling” for life and death in general. I think that what I am learning is that those are ones who are the most grateful for their lives and the least happy about leaving their people. However, once they get here and see that you have no more pain and you get to be ageless – they are accepting and fine with it. We all become each other’s comfort and there is strength in numbers, as the say – although for me, personally I might not agree with that wholeheartedly. I liked belonging to just our family which was the perfect for me. I would not have wanted to been in a home with a bunch of dogs and kids because I was already a senior when you found me, so that is a personal choice. We talked about our various situations. We all know we have to pas son eventually – nothing is forever of course Since death is the unknown it is scary for people because it is something so out of their control so they fear it. For us dogs, cats and other animal creatures, we are dependent on our families for everything, so we are even more scared because we never had to do much for ourselves to begin with, so everyone thinks: Now what? Who is going to take care of us? Love us? Feed us? Hug and kiss us?

For Patience and Trilee for example, the reason they took the class is because they are truly missing their people so much. When you spend so many years with your family, you really do not know how to live without them because that was their only experiences. They were with their peeps since puppyhood. In Telwyn’s and in my own life, we were adopted in our later years and then lived our best lives last, so perhaps we were better prepared. I also think it has to do with personalities as well. For Aleena and Symoen, they died too young.  Especially Aleena, a horse should never have to work so hard that they literally worked to death. He was at an Amish far and I immediately thought of Joy being in the Amish Puppy mill. We know all Amish are not bad. I told them I used ot go visit some Amish people in Pennsylvania, but Allena would have nothing of my tales. He is very mad about his deck of life-cards and Telewyn, coming from the racing life, totally gets it. When animals are used for something to benefit others, such as racing or farm work, they do not like it too much once they have had the chance to stop and reflect upon their lives. Telewyn talked to the class about his racing days and how the owners are all proud of their wins and mostly their money but he does not feel like they love the animals at all. He says it’s really all about them and that is a shame. Horses want to run and be free and they want love as much as a dog or cat or any other animal. Showing horses in a 4-H club or teaching kids how to ride a horse is one thing, but working a horse to death is another and it will take more classes of talking about it to help Aleena through this.

Symoen, being a simple, sweet and loving lab, just does not understand why he had to have heart problems. I told him why did I have to get bladder cancer? I had the greatest life EVER! Sometimes we cannot help what happens to us and of course we all want to live our happy lives as long as possible and for some of us 7 or even 10 years is not enough because we are so happy. So, we talked about how Symoen can do good work here in Hyfryd and get his giddy-up back. He is a sweet guy and very handsome – I am really liking myself! ha! You always told me I was sweet like a lab! Maybe I will invite him to my den for a pup-cup of yogurt! So while everyone wants to be forever young, we talked about that not being the case, except for when they cross over. THEN you can be ageless and most of all HEALTHY! You always told me the greatest thing you can have everyday is good health. Here that is true but the sacrifice is the separation from your people until you see them again and with that the conversation in the Finding Joy class will continue. So that is my news!

I saw you at our tree the other day. Yikes it was so hot. I saw you sweltering there with Joy but you saw me rustle the leaves! She is SUCH the squirrel chaser. Don’t let her break your little arm!  Yeesh! She has an enormous amount of energy – just like me when you rescued me – although I think she has a bit more being that she just turned 3. Yep – you have your hands full! haha! I gave you good Border Collie training! You are the best mommy ever in the world and I will let you know about this week’s class. I am so busy teaching and I spent the summer break getting ready for the class! Well, once a working dog …..doing good work and giving love – that is what it’s all about….You were my example and I carry it in my heart and pass it on……

Forever and Ever, Your Sweet Bailey Girl…..Write Soon! I love you so!