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Dear Mommy,

Did you see that I am holding on to my green leaves? Only a couple of red tips so far, that is all you can see. October is not my favorite month and I know it is definitely not yours either. I don’t really want to focus on how I left you this month because  “the sad-day date” is still far off yet, but a year has sure travelled fast hasn’t t? I know you feel it has as well.

I did NOT want to leave you, but my body did not want to perform anymore I guess and the best way to continue my love, kindness and good work was to wind up here in Hyfryd, where I am doing great in all those departments. Since teaching the classes on life after the Rainbow Bridge, I too have realized so much about life on earth versus life on Hyfryd. I love that my body feels so good all the time here. I often think, is that worth not waking up next to our bed anymore? I try to make sense of those type of thoughts but realize that life is just life, filled with happiness, sadness, rewards and expectations, but what is most important is love and knowledge. There is nothing more important than love and as you know, there is nothing so pure and simple as the love between a man/woman and their animal companion. Nothing.

I love that you planted our tree in my honor and I love that you visit it constantly. I know the visits to the tree at the park are more meaningful than my special place in the yard.  You know why, don’t you? Of course it is because you and I loved walking in that park together, just as you do with Joy now. The time we spent there – each moment was perfect (except for the couple of times you fell! That was funny sorry!) and happy. My special place is of course right outside the door to our sweet home, but Buhl Park, while it is everyone’s home, can be your home in the minutes and hours when you walk there.

So for now I am holding onto my green leaves. Even though my color is red, I am not shedding them for winter quite yet. I am staying as green for now just for you, with just that tinch of red. Like the tree there, I have grown here in Hyfryd. You taught me how to be grateful and mostly –  loved unconditionally. I try to pass on all those qualities to my students. They tell me I am doing a good job because they are learning how to live here without their families and when you first arrive it is a difficult adjustment, but if you can find ways to contribute then it becomes acceptable, sort of. I will never not miss you and I know, by watching you every single day, that you  feel the same.

It was funny in Chicago the other day when your cousin asked you about how you came to love dogs when you had cats your whole life (and still do, of course!) and you mentioned April’s influence and Marla, your former vet. If I never did, then I have to thank April for that because if it was her love of us dogs that originally rubbed off on you then good for her because she did a great job of making you crazy about us! Ha! Of course I know you would be anyway because, as Marla always said, it’s a different relationship. It is. Especially me and you.  One of extreme kindness, caring and endless love.

Your Sweet Bailey, Forever and Ever…..Write me soon! I love you,