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 Dear Bailey,

You blushed in full bloom. You are a stand-out amongst the hundreds of other trees at Buhl Park, so red and full like a woman’s lips searching for a kiss. And who kissed you more than me?

Today is October 21 and week from now will be one year since you went to Hyfryd and it seems so much longer.  So much longer, yet I am so proud of all you have taught me and all you continue to do there. Our spirits are so aligned and I feel you everywhere. Russell talks about you all the time and you know I talk to Joy & Safari about you everyday. To be honest I still feel sad some days when I think about how much I miss you.  That is how I am. n Cheetah and Freedom and Lucky are always at the top of my mind. Sharing your life with an animal companion is very special because of its very nature and relationship. There is nothing else like it and it is different from humans. Animals of all kinds love without condition – something that some humans have not learned to do with each other. There is just a special sweetness that is unbridled. I know so many people like us too who feel compelled to be part of an animal’ s life, be it a dog or cat, horse or bird. It’s simply part of who you are or not but I am glad I=it’s always been part of me and when we met you became entwined into my soul as I have with you.

Joy reminds me of you in a lot of ways but she truly is a puppy. She is still discovering the world and she has much to learn. She is a lot of fun and she literally makes all of us laugh everyday. Safari and her play so sweetly and truly like each other a lot.  I have to say my working girl, you certainly kept your promise and found us the perfect girl for all of us. She will never take your place, please know that. She simply has her own and thanks to you – with help from Victoria – she found her way here, where she belongs.

I just wanted to say hello after seeing your tree today. I wanted to say I love you, I am with you and thinking of you daily. Your pictures are in front of me and your spirit surrounds us.