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My Sweetest Bailey,

I have 1000’s of pictures of you and each one is cuter than the next. It is hard to fathom that today, 365 ago, you crossed over the Rainbow Bridge into Hyfryd.

I have been privileged to share my life with so many wonderful furry children and you were one of them – a stand-out by all accounts.

We taught each other much, but you taught me more and you still do, each and everyday. I love hearing of your teaching and work in Hyfryd and I am so glad that you found Onwen right away upon your arrival because he is truly your best companion and working pal.

All the leaves on the tree are gone, save for a few browns ones ready to fall. I am sure by now they are all gone as we are having cold and rainy weather. I am sure it is beautiful by you and I was hoping that you would write today as well and I know that you will.

I miss you so much everyday. I can only thank you for finding us the perfect girl to carry on those specific Border Collie antics that only Border Collies are capable of!  We honored you by rescuing Joy, another girl in search of a forever home which we have provided. Like you, she is so grateful.

Although this day is so very bittersweet for me especially, I feel good that we gave you the best three years of your 10 year-old life, which, I know was never easy until I found you and got you out of the shelter and I could not have been happier to share life, love, cuddles and kisses with you. In my heart I still do.

I will love you forever and always…..xoxooxoxoxox

Dear Mommy,

Thank you for your sweet letter. On this day a year ago, I think you cried the entire day and for months afterwards. What makes it better is that you were able to get through your grief, like I did and get back to work like a good Border Collie! I always told you that if you were a dog, you would be a Border Collie! You have high energy, you love to be loved and give love and you have a long nose – not as long as mine..but in the genre…haha. People always said you and I were like two of a kind and I think that was true and always will.

I really, really did not want to get cancer and leave our beautiful home but my body felt so sick and the second I walked over the Rainbow Bridge my body felt great, but I do have to say I was sad. I walked over the bridge and knew that I could go back to work and teach others how to cope. You had such a hard time with my passing and so did I because I only had three years with you, but like you said, they were just the best. We were hardly ever apart and very hyper-attached except for when you guys went on your vacations.

I knew that others around here could benefit from learning how to deal with a best friend’s passing and it turned out just like I thought.

As for Joy, I knew you needed another girl. We are princess girls and Joy fits in perfectly. I know you love furry kids more than anything and the ones that have graced your life will always be grateful. Oddly, I can tell you that it is true.

I wanted to wait to tell you this, but today seems like the right time. Tarzan Freedom, Cheetah, Jane and Lucky are all living together in Hyfryd! I was doing some shopping at the Doggie Depot for some food and I overheard these cats talking about a Sherri. I had heard you mention their names before so I just went up to them and asked if they would possibly be talking about “my sherri!” Tarzan spoke up first and said, where is she?”

So we sat down with some treats and water and talked for hours. Cheetah misses you so much as does Freedom and of course your Tarzan, who told me that he was the King of the house! He is pretty funny. I told them about your life and that not much has changed since they last saw you and that you and Russell were still married – 22 years!

It turns out that they only live around the block from me two streets over. They asked me about my classes and if they could help. I know you loved them so very much. They are lucky that they all spent so many years with you. SO now we have made good friends and they are all helping in my Fall classes. They send their love and I am so happy that we found each other. Hyfryd is truly a magical place.

The Finding Joy class is actually overcrowded! There were so many people that needed the help I had Onwen teach a few extra classes to meet the needs of everyone. In my next letter I will tell you some interesting stories about our students. Today I only really wanted to say that you are in my heart. I carry you with me everywhere and could not love you more. I miss you so much, but I never feel like you are that far away. It’s like if I had a pocket, you would be in it all the time. I feel your presence here with me and I know you feel mine as well. It will always be that way. Always. I love you forever and ever.

Your Sweet Bailey Girl…..xoxoxoox