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Mommy! I am so sorry this is the longest it has ever taken me to write you back and you HAVE to forgive me! Of course, being your Bailey girl, you will! If you remember,  I told you in my last letter, that we were SO busy with the new classes and the influx of new students that time just seems to slip away but now I am on Thanksgiving break and have 10 days off. After that I will teach until 2 days before Christmas and then I don’t go back until after the new year whew! It has been crazy and again, I am sorry and I have missed you.

I am sending you this picture because I know it is one of your top 3 favorites and it reminded me of Thanksgiving. Why? You must wonder since it was not taken on Thanksgiving. It makes me recall how grateful I am for all of the wonderful experiences you and papa shared with me, I know we went ont he boat several times and I think you thought I did not like it, but i loved it. I was just always worried about peeing in the boat even though you said I could! The stupid bladder cancer always made me feel less in control than I wanted to be. I am SO glad that when you cross over the Rainbow Bridge you have no health problems! It is so great to just be a regular doggy again and pee when you simply have to, not constantly!

Interestingly, that brings me to my next bit of information. I am starting another new class! This one is for people who pass before their time, lets say – because of an illness – like me! It seems that there is a lot of resentment that some people have here that they have not done all they could have or they feel they got ripped off of being loved more than they were. These people really need this special class because they hold a lot of sadness still in their hearts. I will help them learn how to turn that around and still feel close to their families, but give them learning tools to move on and do good things here in Hyfryd.

So all of this recalls my thankfulness. I know, I know, you are thankful for me too – THAT goes without saying! haha! I am watching you all the time. Joy is interesting. She is soooo much like me – a little princess – she actually listens to you much better than I did – she is not as stubborn as me, it seems, but you know us Border Collies, at heart we are all stubborn and want our way. However, we give back 3000 percent and more with our love, right? Right!

So I just wanted to say Thank you for all of your love and all of your continued love and support. I know you miss me as much as I miss you. I feel it as much as you do. If you are wondering if I am cooking Thanksgiving for Onwen and Company, I am, of course and Tarzan, Cheetah and Freedom and Lucky will all be here, a long with a slew of others. I am starting to cook on Wednesday there is so much to do and you know HOW MUCH I love TURKEY!

Well, I will wait for a letter from you now. I am glad that you made it down to Florida for the winter and Joy was good on the trip. I knew she would be. She is loving the old neighborhood, I am sure. Tell Angel and Zoe-Zoe I say hi. I love you mommy and thank you for the best part of my whole life – the part with you, papa and Safari. Kiss them for me please. As for you, my kisses are all around you.

Forever your Sweet Girl,