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Bailey's Santa Look!Dearest Bailey,

Last year we did not celebrate the holidays. I tried for Safari’s sake, but your crossing over the Rainbow Bridge took a lot out of me. Sometimes I still call Joy, “Bailey.” She hears me talk about you all the time. I know Safari gets what I am saying, but I often think that Joy is wondering, “Who is the Bailey I keep hearing about? I know we walk by her tree up North at the park!”

Joy had big paws to fill upon her adoption, but the funny thing is, you did such a great job in helping me find her on www.petfinder.com  she is perfect. I will show you a picture of her in the Santa hat at the end of this note. I cannot help but think how playful the two of you would have been together. True, Joy is a young one and you were my senior girl, but you both have equally sweet dispositions. Look at your face in this picture. It is so precious you should hang it in your den when you get my letter and show Onwen and all your friends.

I hope that you will write to be when you get your Christmas break next week. I think you said you would be off school for a long break – and I am sure much-deserved. Here is the thing though, we only have a few more letters before it’s time to get the blogs together for the book! I know you are so excited and so am I. It’s going to be lots of work but you and I do not mind that, do we?

I hope you will put up a tree and decorate it with some cute stuff. I put one of your pictures with Santa out in the living room – so cute. Miss Joy would NEVER pose with Santa! I think that she would bark at him! haha! I might try it next year though! I started going to the dog park again. The first day was hard since you loved to go there and Joy REALLY loves to go – we were there today and people talk about how they miss you but they love Joy. It’s funny I was not sure that she would like it there and I could not have been more off-base. She loves it and I am very happy about that. She plays so well with the other dogs and they all love her. She is very gentle just like you.

The holidays are bittersweet for me. It’s only our second Christmas without you but I am focused on the book and getting that done and I am so thankful that we have worked on this project together and we will continue and make a whole series of books with the hope of helping others come to terms with the loss of their animal companions. Work to do!

Here is a picture of Joy with her Santa Hat for your den: She was not too thrilled with having anything on her head but I did it while she was sort of sleepy and would not mind as much! haha! Oh how I love you both.

Write to me soon my sweet Bailey girl. Let me know how you and your friends  are celebrating the holiday. I hope that you will also be with Onwen, Tarzan, Cheetah, Freedom and Lucky and whomever else you love.

With all my love always and forever……

IMG_1881IMG_1877  PS – Safari wanted me to send you his picture as well. He was half alseep – I will work on new ones!