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744I am SO SORRY I should have written sooner! I was so busy finishing all the classes before the break, so I am sending you this adorable picture of me and you with hopes that you will forgive me. Oh yeah, I’m Bailey, you ALWAYS forgave anything I did! hahaha – Although let’s face it, I never was really bad ever! I know yua re saying, “yes that is true,” right now!

Sometimes around the holidays all the critters here in Hyfryd really have a hard time with missing their people, but Onwen and I try to teach them that the “spirit” of the holidays are really always there – just like you and I know each other is just a whisper away.

That is what I teach the people here. I try to explain that everyone will be reunited with their people in the future – some sooner than later and vice versa. I want people on both side of the Rainbow Bridge to be grateful for what they have now; that is what is most important. So many people take it all for granted. You and I never will.

I am so happy that you adopted Joy. It’s funny she has the perfect name for this season, huh? I can see she makes you laugh like me. We are very similar, that I see. I was just more outgoing than her. Remember how you thought I was so friendly that I would just go with anyone? I never would have, you know. Joy, on the other paw, would bark at them and protect you to the nth degree! I like that quality in her, actually. I can see how much progress she has made already in her socialization. You just keep taking her places and she will do fine. She is QUITE the squirrel chaser like I was, huh? Very funny!

I do have to say that I am ready and happy for the holiday break from school. I don’t resume classes until January 7th. I never thought I would be THIS busy over the Rainbow Bridge, but hey, what’s a Border Collie to do? We are working dogs and I love helping people. I always think about that movie, It’s a Wonderful Life that we watched each Christmas. If you had not adopted me, I might never have been a teacher. I certainly would not have had the great experiences in my senior years that you guys gave me. It was so great of you to adopt a senior dog, really, cause nobody wants the older dogs and cats. Of course I should not say that – there are some, but for the MOST part people want the young ones. We certainly chose each other and on this second Christmas without you, papa and safari, I am thinking about that. I am thinking how grateful I am to have had a wonderful three years with you because the first part of my life was not good and I block it all out. You truly loved me with all your soul and heart and I feel that everyday, even today over the bridge.

Guess what? We only have three more stories before we go into a book! I am SOOOO excited!!! I cannot wait. We ARE going to do a second one too, right? Yes, I figured as much. That is great because there is so much to say and so many people to help understand how to deal with this new part of life! Oh and I wanted to tell you that yes, Tarzan, Cheetah, Freedom, Lucky and a bunch more others will be here with me, Onwen and Barkley. Barkley has been so great at school. I have given him a new class to teach come January. He will be teaching a class of very young folk who crossed way too early due to accidents, just like his. He is such a wonderful guy I just love his enthusiasm.

Write me soon, okay? I promise to write quicker! We have to move on to the 100th blog!!! – I love you and will talk to you before Christmas.

All my love, Bailey Girl….