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Dearest Bailey,

It was so good to FINALLY hear from you! I had to tell you this little story. You know how everyone at Starbucks adored you? You loved the little red cups at Christmas time to drink your water in the car. And who loved Puppy Lattes MORE than you?

The other day, Papa and I went to Starbucks and we thought we could try to sit outdoors with Joy. Lots of dogs go there and she is used to going there up North, but usually in the drive through Starbucks. I thought this would be a nice change for her and she could get a puppy latte (whipped creme in a cup, for those of you readers who might think I give my Joy coffee, no!)

Russell stayed outside with Joy while I went in to retrieve our drinks and tiny cup of whipped creme. Joy was SO excited. A man came towards our couch and said, “I have to come and pet that cute dog,” and at that very moment Joy started barking at him. I said, “sorry maybe another time!” A few minutes passed a younger guy named Evan came towards us and said, “Oh my goodness, you are just too adorable with those freckles on your nose.” Joy did not bark a word! She liked him and let him pet her. “I have to go get my dog, she is in the car.”

He was wearing a cool t-shirt that said In Dog We Trust, maybe that is why Joy knew he was okay! Next, I said, “Oh what kind of dog do you have?” “A Sheltie,” he said. She is kind of shy like Joy.” “Awww, a Sheltie? I love Shelties. What is her name?” I asked? “Bailey he said.”

Of course it was. He could have had any kind of dog with any name in the world, but it was a Sheltie in the same collie family and she shared your name. It could not have been a more perfect moment. You shared it with us because you are always omnipresent. Always. I feel you everywhere I am and I am glad you make your presence known in many different ways. That was the best Christmas present I could have been given. Thank you Bailey – you and the Sheltie….

With all my Love,


PS: Two pics of you and two of Joy to show everyone in Hyfryd!!!