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Hi Mommy!

So you saw the Rainbow I sent you. I did not mean for it to land in the bathroom sink, but maybe that is where it was supposed to land since that is where you were at that exact moment! That was my other Christmas present to you. I am sure that you liked it because you sure rushed to get the camera! ha! The day was not that sunny, so it probably did not last too long, but I thought it was a great gift to give you, the colorful light of my energy.

I just realized that this si the 99th letter! Wow! So I guess one more will make our 100th and here we go to the bookstore!  WOOF! It’s going to be a lot of editing work that is for sure! A new project for 2013! I am so excited. I guess we might have to split letter 100, l okay? Then we will BOTH have the last word of the first book! haha! I like that idea. We have to do it before 2012 ends, right. Right!

Christmas with everyone here was quiet, much like at your house. I prefer it that way – a good time for reflection and you have always been one to write about a year in summation – me too. We will have a great 100th letter. Let’s think about what we want to say and meet back here this week and finish our work for the book. I cannot wait!

I love you forever,

Your Bailey Always xoxoxoox